Welcome to Week Two of Earth Month

This week’s theme is reduce

Thank you for participating in Earth Month with us. Check out the tips below to engage the second R of the circular economy: Reduce!

Today’s tips pertain to source reduction, meaning eliminating waste with smart purchasing in your personal and professional spheres of influence.


#1 – Reduce Food Container Waste

After conducting a waste audit in our office, we found out that the majority of trash that we were sending to the land fill were Styrofoam food containers. We made the switch to reusable lunch trays made from hard plastic and silicone.  Skipping the Styrofoam is important to the environment and your health. Styrofoam, actually brand name, is actually a type of plastic (polystyrene) that is expanded with air. This expanded polystyrene is a common pollutant of our oceans due to its buoyancy and its lightweight quality that makes it easily carried by the wind.  In addition, it is estimated that polystyrene takes at least 500 years to decompose, releasing harmful methane that affects our ozone.

Some of the components within polystyrene are suspected carcinogens as well. Certain foods and drinks can cause degradation to the polystyrene causing it to leech toxins.  YUCK!

So skip the Styrofoam! Check out this article for further information on polystyrene.


#2 – Reduce Energy Consumption

You can reduce energy consumption with smart technology. For example, a Nest thermostat will automate energy savings. If you allow your HVAC system to run all day, you’re wasting energy when your home is unoccupied. Nest estimates an average saving of $131 to $145 a year! Meaning it pays for itself in under two years. Click here to read more on the proven energy savings.

Often your electricity provider will offer you a rebate to purchase smart technology.

Make the switch! Check out the Nest thermostat here.


#3 – Reduce Vampire Loads

A tip that you can apply both at the office and at home is: reduce vampire loads with smart switches!

Did you know that when your TV, computer, and other appliances and gadgets are plugged in, they are draining electricity all day, even when they’re turned off or fully charged? Vampire power, aka standby power, is a big issue and according to US Department of Energy, it can account anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of residential energy use.

To eliminate vampire power, use power strips with switches, unplug your products, and use ENERGY STAR products. Consider investing in smart power strips. Grow Computer is soon to be releasing new hardware that features 8 programmable outlets, remote monitoring, ‘plug and play’ sensors and much more.


Did you miss week one? Click here to learn about Refuse.