Welcome to week three of earth month

This week’s theme is Reuse

Today’s tips pertain to reusing materials and purchasing used materials.


#1 – Reuse Food Containers as Much As Possible

Did you know that it can take up to 450 years for a plastic bottle to degrade in a landfill? The United States alone disposes of 50 billion of these a YEAR. Don’t contribute to landfill waste, use a reusable water bottle made from BPA or another durable material. DO NOT use a plastic disposable water bottle over and over again – harmful chemicals can leech into your water over time! YUCK! Just avoid disposable plastic bottles completely! Read more here.

Skip the plastic bag! Bring your lunch to work in reusable plastic or glass containers. To extend the life of plastic ware, avoid microwaving your food in the container.

Didn’t eat all your food at lunch? ** BONUS TIP ** Reuse your food! Click here to find a list of food items you can compost.

#2 – Reuse Interior Architectural Elements

Whether it’s for your LEED project client or your own home office, consider how you can reuse carpet, cabinetry and more. This is the most efficient way to reduce construction waste. Repurposing or reusing these elements are preferable to recycling these items!

#3 – Buy Used Whenever Possible!

Furniture, and clothing are among the second-hand items you can purchase.

Ever heard of fast-fashion? Nowadays clothing is made with cheaper materials, which decreases the life of the article of clothing and increases waste. Click here to watch a clip to learn more about fast fashion and it’s impact.

Thrift is trendy and affordable! You may even find some valuable for next to nothing. Thrifting helps the community and it keeps clothing out of landfills. Frequently, thrifted clothing was made during a time that produced clothing slower and more responsibly than it’s fast-fashion counterparts.

Remember Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd! We hope these tips have helped you be mindful this month. Check back next week to hear about the final R of the circular economy, recycle!