Nourishment Tips from the IWBI

Anja Mikic and Alyson Laura delivered a fantastic webinar this past Thursday where they explore the nourishment concept of the WELL Building Standard. Anja is the Senior Associate, Standard Development Nourishment Concept Lead at the IWBI. With a background in nutrition sciences, Anja delivers priceless information about not only the WELL Nourishment concept, but also how you can apply these WELL concepts to your own life. Scroll down to watch the full webinar!

Here are three takeaways from this webinar that can help you be mindful of your own well-being this month:

1. Health is Based on Far More than Genetics

In fact, only 10% of your overall health is based on genetics. It is important that you nourish your body, but also your mind and soul. The aspect of one’s life that affects their health the most is one’s physical and social environment that we live and work in. This encompasses the design of the built environment as well as how we behave in regards to eating and physical activity. Your zip code matters more than your genetic code! Where you live is a determinant of your health and life expectancy, and the buildings where we live, work, learn and relax tremendously impact our health, well-being and productivity.

(Image courtesy of IWBI)

2. Nutrition Labels Have Changed: For the Better!

The WELL Building Standard advocates for nutritional transparency. The Nutrition Facts Label was recently updated for the first time since the 1990s! Both the calories and serving size labels have been increased in size. In addition, sugars are now differentiated between naturally occuring sugars and added sugars. Lastly, Vitamin A + C have been replaced with Vitamin D + Potassium because the latter two have become nutrients of concern for the American population.  

Did you know that we make 200 food choices a day? Click here to read a study from Cornell University.

Sometimes when you make food at home, it’s hard to know it’s nutritional value. Click below to explore resources that’ll help you create your own food labels!


3. Get Away from Your Desk!

Many of our jobs require a flexible schedule, and you might find yourself eating lunch at your desk in between meetings. Anja recommends scheduling your lunch break every day. This allows you to take some time for yourself, and enjoy lunch away from the computer. This action promotes mindful eating as well as increased social interactions; both of which are great for you mind and body!

Bonus tip: Try putting away your phone and other distractions while you eat, which will help you practice more mindful eating!


Be on the lookout for WELL v2! This summer the team at IWBI will expand the WELL concepts from 7 to 10.

Click below to watch the full webinar: Beyond WELL – Nourishment Strategies from Project to Home.