World Building Trends 2016

Green building, has up until recently, been confined to first world nations where sustainable initiatives are attempting to remedy intensive energy use and massive carbon footprints. In the United States, green building is projected to account for more than half of all commercial and institutional construction by 2016. The most recent World Green Building Trends report by Dodge Data & Analytics shows that developing markets will see the largest potential for green building growth.


  • The percentage of firms expecting to have more than 60% of their projects certified green is anticipated to nearly double from 18% currently to 37% within two years.
  • Client demand will take a significant leap in 2015 as one of the top future green activity, from 35% to 40%
  • Developing markets report drastic growth in the percentage of projects that they expect to certify as green.
  • Environmental regulations experienced an uptick in the percentage of respondents who named it a top trigger to green growth.

Green Building Activity

  • Green Building accounts for 24% of the total share of construction activities amongst participants.
  • South Africa, Singapore, India, Germany and Mexico all report green activity above the global average of 24%
  • Brazil is expected to see a 6-fold green development growth from 6% to 36%.

Top Sectors for Growth

  • Commercial Construction will be the top sector for green building growth on a global scale, accounting for 46% of all respondents expecting to do a green commercial project within the next 3 years.
  • New commercial construction will be a top green building sector in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, China, and India.
  • The lowest level of new green commercial construction is expected to be in Australia and the UK.

The nature of global development has changed drastically over the last decade–most notably towards smart and sustainable growth. If you are interested in becoming part of the green building movement, consider becoming a LEED AP today!